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Nurtured Path offers individual psychotherapy dedicated to relief of distress during the child-bearing years. All of our clinicians have specialized training in perinatal mental health.


This includes treatment for a myriad of experiences that can cause emotional distress during this important phase of life, including: 

  • Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders like postpartum depression, depression during pregnancy, or anxiety

  • Infertility

  • Miscarriage/infant death

  • Termination for medical reasons 

  • Reproductive decisions

  • Termination decisions/care

  • Traumatic labor/birth

  • Medically complicated pregnancy

  • Adjustment to motherhood and fatherhood and developmental, parenting, or discipline concerns

  • History of trauma and how it affects parenting and relationships

Our approach engages your head and your heart.

Moving past any obstacle in life means utilizing your brain and also managing your emotions. Our passion is to nurturing you throughout that process, and giving you the tools you need to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of a happy, healthy, and purpose-filled life.

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How we got started

Kerrie Van Weelden, LMSW,  has counseled hundreds of parents and provided PMAD thought leadership in the West Michigan community for more than twenty years. She founded Nurtured Path to provide the Grand Rapids community with an independent practice focused specifically on serving individuals in the child-bearing years.  It is not enough to have a therapist who has an interest but not specialized training.  Nurtured Path is proud to offer psychotherapy by who have advanced training in perinatal and reproductive health.  

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